83 Vacant Positions Open At United Nations Nairobi Office

UN Nairobi Hiring – 83 Posts

The United Nations in Nairobi is embarking on a substantial recruitment drive to enhance its operations and outreach across a variety of sectors.

This is an exceptional opportunity for professionals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to global initiatives and gain invaluable experience in an international environment.

Below is a description of the positions available:


  1. Finance And Administration Intern: This position offers an opportunity to gain insight into the financial and administrative workings of an international organization. Candidates will support budget planning, financial reporting, and administrative tasks.
  2. Intern – Administrative Support: Interns will assist in the daily operations of various departments, helping in organizing files, scheduling meetings, and providing overall administrative support.
  3. Intern: Office Support, Communication & Coordination: This role focuses on supporting office activities, enhancing internal communications, and coordinating events or meetings.
  4. Intern – Environment Affairs: Ideal for candidates passionate about environmental issues, this position involves research, policy analysis, and support in drafting reports on environmental affairs.
  5. Intern – Climate Change And Urban Environment: Interns will engage in projects related to climate change, contributing to research and initiatives focused on urban environments.
  6. Intern – Programme Administration: This role involves assisting with the management and administration of UN programs, including planning, budgeting, and reporting.
  7. Intern – Project Support: Interns will provide support in project development, implementation, and monitoring, working closely with project managers.
  8. Gender And Safeguards Intern: This position focuses on integrating gender perspectives and safeguards into programs and projects, ensuring adherence to UN guidelines.
  9. Intern – Multimedia Communications: Ideal for those with a flair for creative content, this role involves producing multimedia content for various communication channels.
  10. Communication Internship On Climate Peace And Security: This internship is focused on developing communication strategies related to climate change, peace, and security.
  11. Intern – Data Analyst And Business Intelligence: Candidates will work on data analysis, visualization, and contributing to business intelligence insights.
  12. Intern – Donor Relations: This role involves supporting the development and maintenance of relationships with donors, including reporting and communication tasks.
  13. Driver: Responsible for transporting personnel and materials safely and efficiently, maintaining vehicles, and adhering to UN security guidelines.
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Detailed Description

Administrative and Support Roles:

  1. Administrative Assistant: Provides comprehensive administrative support, manages correspondence, and assists with document preparation and meeting organization.
  2. Team Assistant: Supports team operations by handling logistical and administrative tasks, facilitating smooth daily functioning of the team.
  3. Staff Assistant: Assists in the administration of staff-related matters, supports recruitment processes, and helps in organizing staff welfare activities.
  4. Finance Assistant: Supports financial operations, including processing transactions, maintaining financial records, and assisting in budget preparation and monitoring.
  5. Finance And Budget Officer: Oversees budget planning, financial reporting, and analysis, ensuring the efficient management of resources.
  6. Information Systems Assistant: Supports the management and maintenance of information systems, ensuring optimal performance and user support.
  7. Information Systems Officer: Responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining information systems, ensuring they meet organizational needs.
  8. Youth Officer: Focuses on integrating youth perspectives into programs, developing youth-related initiatives, and engaging with young people.
  9. Accounting Assistant: Assists in accounting operations, maintaining accurate financial records, and preparing financial statements.
  10. Accounting Assistant/Finance Associate: Supports financial management and accounting activities, ensuring compliance with UN financial regulations.
  11. Senior Accounting Assistant/Accounting Associate: Takes on more complex financial and accounting responsibilities, overseeing financial processes and mentoring junior staff.
  12. Senior Contracts Management Assistant: Manages contracts, ensures compliance with terms and conditions, and advises on contractual issues.
  13. Procurement Assistant: Assists in procurement processes, from tendering to contract management, ensuring value for money and adherence to UN procurement rules.
  14. Procurement Officer: Oversees procurement activities, develops procurement plans, and ensures ethical, efficient procurement practices.
  15. Statistician: Responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to inform decision-making and policy development.
  16. Data Scientist: Applies machine learning and analytical techniques to interpret complex data, providing insights to support program objectives.
  17. Cyber Security Officer: Ensures the security of information systems, protects against cyber threats, and advises on cybersecurity measures.
  18. Team Leader (Digital Press): Leads digital press initiatives, overseeing content creation, digital campaigns, and social media management.
  19. Senior Website Assistant: Manages website content, ensures the accuracy and timeliness of information, and supports website design and functionality improvements.
  20. Senior Administrative Assistant/Associate: Provides high-level administrative support, manages complex schedules, and coordinates with various departments.
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Detailed Description

Programme and Project Management:

  1. Programme Management Assistant: Assists in the planning, execution, and monitoring of programs, ensuring alignment with UN objectives.
  2. Programme Research Assistant: Supports research activities, data collection, and analysis to inform program development and implementation.
  3. Programme Management Officer: Leads the planning, execution, and evaluation of programs, ensuring they contribute to UN goals and targets.
  4. Programme Assistant: Provides support in program planning, implementation, and evaluation, assisting in logistical and administrative tasks.
  5. Human Resources Assistant: Supports HR activities, including recruitment, staff development, and performance management.
  6. Legal Assistant: Provides support in legal research, document preparation, and managing legal databases.
  7. Senior Coordination Officer: Coordinates activities across different departments and agencies, ensuring effective collaboration and program coherence.
  8. Senior Programme Management Officer: Oversees large-scale programs, ensuring strategic alignment, efficient resource use, and achievement of outcomes.
  9. Humanitarian Affairs Officer/ Anticipatory Approach: Focuses on humanitarian planning and response, implementing strategies to anticipate and mitigate crises.
  10. Management And Programme Analyst: Analyzes program performance, providing insights and recommendations for improvement and efficiency.
  11. Regional Development Coordination Officer: Coordinates regional initiatives, promoting integrated approaches and sustainable development.
  12. Health And Safety Officer: Ensures workplace safety, implements health and safety policies, and provides guidance on risk management.
  13. Conference Affairs Officer: Manages the organization and logistics of conferences, ensuring effective communication and coordination.
  14. Investigator: Conducts investigations into misconduct or violations, ensuring compliance with UN regulations and standards.
  15. Urban Resilience Specialist: Focuses on enhancing urban resilience, developing strategies to address challenges such as climate change and urban growth.
  16. Building Energy Efficiency Expert: Specializes in energy efficiency in buildings, promoting sustainable practices and technologies.
  17. Wastewater Expert: Addresses issues related to wastewater management, developing strategies for treatment and sustainable use.
  18. Humanitarian Affairs Officer / Deputy Pooled Fund Manager: Manages pooled funds for humanitarian response, ensuring effective allocation and use of resources.
  19. Project Manager – Individual Contractor: Oversees specific projects, ensuring they are delivered on time, within budget, and meet UN standards.
  20. Chief Of Section, Public Information: Leads public information initiatives, overseeing communication strategies and media relations.
  21. Chief Of Service, Security And Safety: Oversees security and safety operations, ensuring the protection of UN personnel and assets.
  22. Chief, Infrastructure Management Section: Manages infrastructure projects, ensuring they support UN operations and sustainability goals.
  23. Marine And Coastal Environmental Management Consultant: Provides expertise in managing marine and coastal environments, supporting sustainable development initiatives.
  24. Social Media Consultant: Develops and implements social media strategies to enhance engagement and promote UN initiatives.
  25. Research For Regional State Of The Cities Reports Consultancy: Conducts research for comprehensive reports on urban development and challenges in various regions.
  26. Knowledge And Normative Development Consultant: Supports the development of knowledge products and normative frameworks to guide UN initiatives.
  27. Events Coordinator And Programme Management Support Consultant: Coordinates events and provides support in program management, ensuring successful implementation and outreach.
  28. Communications And Outreach Consultant: Develops and implements communication and outreach strategies to promote UN initiatives and engage stakeholders.
  29. Consultant – Anti Trafficking In Person Expert: Provides expertise in combating human trafficking, developing strategies and supporting implementation of relevant programs.
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Detailed Description

These roles offer a unique opportunity to contribute to global efforts across a wide range of fields, from environmental sustainability and humanitarian response to technology and security. The UN offers an inclusive, diverse working environment where professionals can grow and contribute to meaningful work impacting the world.

Interested candidates can find more details and apply for these positions at the provided link. Join us in our mission to promote peace, security, and sustainable development around the globe.


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83 Vacant Positions Open At United Nations Nairobi Office

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