Career Opportunities at Aga Khan University Hospital

Career Opportunities at Aga Khan University Hospital,

Career Opportunities at Aga Khan University Hospital

Jobs in Healthcare / Medical, Jobs at Aga Khan University Hospital

Aga Khan University Hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan and Nairobi, Kenya are private, not-for-profit institutions providing high quality health care. The Main Hospitals serve as the principal sites for clinical training for the University’s Medical Colleges and Schools of Nursing and Midwifery in Pakistan and East Africa.

Pharmaceutical Technologist, Main Pharmacy


  • Receive, verify prescriptions and dispense drugs in a timely manner within approved standards and procedures.
  • Contact the physician immediately for inaccuracy and illegibility in a prescription order, document errors and communicate them to the nursing and pharmacy staff
  • Verify expiry dates of drugs prior to dispensing medication to patients/customers.
  • Check that every label placed on the medications contains the correct patient name, drug, quantity and directions.
  • Compound extemporaneous preparations and mix certain intravenous medications as per laid down procedures.
  • Counsel patients on drug administration and use of devices for optimum wellness and recovery.
  • Receive, return and update drug credits on the system in a timely manner.
  • Deliver drug discharges to patients in the ward where applicable
  • Communicate out of stock and non-stock effectively and timely to prescriber and nurse and provide alternative choice or make arrangements to order promptly.
  • Comply and observe the environmental health and safety measures and regulations by proper handling, storage and dispensation of medications
  • Record, monitor and update the expiry list of medications in timely manner.
  • Conduct nursing floor inspections once a month for all ward stock, solutions and patient medication left behind
  • Complete documentation of Interventions, Medication errors and Near Miss, Adverse events, Medication queries, Patient complaints or any other incidents and forward to relevant office
  • Perform random medication checks daily and Monitor variance levels in your respective satellites.
  • Compile daily satellite reports.
  • Carry out regular satellite stock-take exercise.
  • Report any special indicators allocated.
  • Maintain and update personal drug knowledge data base to ensure accurate provision of pharmaceutical care of general disease states as well as specialized knowledge in the assigned area of expertise
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  • Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology from a recognized institution
  • Practicing License from the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.
  • 1 year working experience in a busy facility, preferably a hospital
  • Computer literate
  • Able to communicate with medical professionals
  • Able to work with a team of people from various backgrounds and training
  • Excellent customer service skills and empathetic to patients of all ages
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Able to keep up with pharmaceutical developments and Continuous Medical Education programmes.

Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy Department


  • Select and administer appropriate tests to evaluate range of motion, neuromuscular status, pain and physical functional ability
  • Review medical file of patient for information pertinent in aiding evaluation
  • Identify treatment goals and appropriate therapy techniques and equipment to achieve goals
  • Conduct regular evaluation of patients to assess progress and response to therapy, revise treatment program as necessary to achieve goals
  • Advise and recommend to referring doctors on necessary interventions and or change of management
  • Document initial reports of results on evaluation of patients’ physical condition
  • Maintain daily treatment notes evaluation of patients’ progress and discharge planning notes and summaries
  • Administer physical therapy treatment using full range of treatment techniques
  • Instruct patients in the use and care of wheelchairs, braces, crutches and other adaptive equipment
  • Develop treatment plan to be followed by patient after discharge and advice the importance of continuing physiotherapy after discharge and to organize their physiotherapy appointments
  • Observe and comply with environment health and occupational safety
  • Participate in the implementation of quality initiative and patient safety programs
  • Conduct in house Continued Medical Education(CME), monitor and review progress
  • Training support staff and assessing their performance to as to maintain optimum performance level
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  • Diploma in Physiotherapy from a recognized Institution
  • Preferred one (1) years’ experience in physiotherapy
  • Registered with the Physiotherapy Council of Kenya
  • Possess knowledge of assessment/evaluation techniques in regards to patients
  • Excellent customer service skills and empathetic to patients of all ages

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Career Opportunities at Aga Khan University Hospital
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