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Jobs Open At One Acre Fund; Apply

Jobs Open At One Acre Fund; Apply

  1. Global Procurement and Compliance Associate  At One Acre Fund

Seeking an exceptional procurement professional with 5+ years of experience to optimize cost savings, drive strategic enhancements while ensuring robust controls across multiple countries.
Location; KenyaRwanda
Career Level; Professionals

About the Role

Our internal departments make ~$30 million per year in spot purchases of goods and services from suppliers. As a Global Procurement Associate, you will support departments across all countries with these purchases to ensure best value for money.

  • You will implement initiatives to ensure transparency and cost-effectiveness in the spot purchasing process.
  • You will provide critical procurement support and capability building to new programs.
  • You will drive cost reduction efforts, while ensuring audit and controls compliance.
  • You will manage global tenders, and implement procurement process improvements.
  • You will be part of the Global Supply Chain Division and report directly to the Non-Agricultural Procurement Manager


  • Reduce spot purchasing cost across all countries and product categories by 5-10% while focusing on process transparency, and fraud mitigation.
  • Provide expert guidance to growth countries, assisting with system support, procurement planning, tendering, inventory management, and advising on procurement strategy.
  • Foster a cost-conscious team culture, enabling cost reduction and avoidance across all countries while enhancing systems for precise cost tracking.
  • Ensure robust audit and control processes, collaborating with stakeholders to address findings, and closing control gaps for enhanced compliance and efficiency.
  • Implement efficiency-boosting initiatives, and integrate best practices and automation for optimized procurement.
  • Support procurement activities across all countries of operation

Check full job position and how to apply here

2. Odoo ERP Software Engineer At One Acre Fund

Seeking a motivated Odoo Developer with 2+ years of experience to customize our ERP system as we roll out a new sales system serving over 1 million farmers
Career Level Professionals

About the Role

Our passionate development team manages a range of web and mobile solutions to support our field operations, from registering millions of farmers and their orders, optimizing delivery truck loads and routes, tracking deliveries, collecting mobile payments and analyzing loan repayments. You will report to one of our development managers.

We operate a stack of open-source solutions to power most of our business, including Odoo, Apache Fineract, and Keycloak.

Our technologies include C#, NodeJS, CouchBase, React (Native), Docker/Kubernetes, and our tooling landscape is based on GitHub / JIRA / Slack / Azure DevOps.


  • Design, develop, document, test, and operate customizations on our Odoo platform, focused around product ordering, inventory, payment, and delivery
  • Mentor the team on the Odoo platform and ecosystem
  • Work as part of a small, collaborative, and agile team of software developers
  • Contribute to your department’s improvement by sharing knowledge, sharpening your skills, suggesting different ways of working

 Check the full job position and how to apply here

3. Tupande Contact Center Quality Assurance & Training Specialist

Seeking an exceptional Quality Assurance and Training professional with 5+ years of experience to spearhead strategic initiatives that elevate our team’s performance, innovate our processes, and ensure unparalleled customer experience.
Location Kenya
Career Level Professionals

About the Role

Our Contact Center of 100+ staff is based in Kakamega; this position is hybrid, but due to the nature of the work, it calls for being predominantly on site. Reporting to the Contact Center Lead, you will manage the design, implementation and evaluation of quality assurance, training and development initiatives. You will also spearhead strategic initiatives that elevate our team’s performance, improve our processes, and ensure unparalleled customer experience.


  • Quality Assurance
    • Align QA strategies with the contact center and implement QA designs to improve the customer experience.
    • Advocate for C-SAT & NPS enhancement initiatives.
    • Responsible for the end-to-end design and implementation of Change Projects which improve the QAT team.
    • Work with partners to update and improve on the QAT process.
  • Training
    • Align Training strategies with the contact center and implement training designs to improve the customer experience.
    • Liaise with partners to implement training plans.
    • Identify areas of standardization in training by developing training processes.
    • Design & implement Training Needs Analysis tools.
  • Management: Manage the performance of the Quality Assurance & Training teams.
    • Responsible for coordinators who oversee the QAT teams; have regular check-ins, performance reviews and create personal development plans for your direct reports.
    • Develop direct reports to ensure that they achieve important performance metrics.
    • Coach, motivate, and retain staff.
    • Develop staffing projections for the QAT team, recruit and onboard team members.
    • Conduct workshops with Trainers to improve their skills.

Check the full job position and how to apply here 

4. Tupande Gender Lead At One Acre Fund

Seeking a passionate gender lead with 5+ years of experience to design and implement tailored interventions to improve equity in access and benefit for young women across the Tupande programme.
Location Kenya
Career Level Professionals

About the Role

Empowering women farmers must be integral to any solution to extreme hunger and poverty — yet at present, women in Africa have less access to agricultural productive resources and services, achieve only 20-30% of the farm yields as men, and have less control over household decisions and income. These gender-based structural roadblocks inflict cascading negative consequences for women, their families, and society.

In Kenya, we are looking for a passionate Gender Lead to review and inform our strategy, and to design and implement tailored interventions to improve equity in access and benefit for young women across the Tupande programme model. Reporting to the Director of Product Strategy, you will shape our thinking and contribution to gender transformation and build a strategy that helps us deliver improved outcomes for rural women in Kenya.


  • Conduct programme review and gender inclusion assessment:
    • Leverage outputs from recent gender inclusion assessment work in Kenya; review the Tupande programme model to identify constraints faced by young rural women for equitable access to-  and benefit from – Tupande’s multichannel service offering.
    • Identify opportunities for strengthening components of the Tupande programme including farmer training, digital offerings, crop commercialisation work, and micro-enterprise opportunities to increase the engagement and advancement of young rural women.
  • Build gender vision and strategy: 
    • Building from the gender inclusion assessment and programme review, and utilizing targeted formative research, develop a country-level gender roadmap which addresses the barriers faced by young women smallholders and ensures Tupande’s farmer-facing work contributes to gender equity, equality, and empowerment of women.
  • Design gender transformative initiatives: 
    • Use gender inclusion, formative and other research to design and implement specific interventions and program modifications tailored to the unique constraints, needs and priorities of female smallholders, ensuring integration of a gender lens across Tupande’s programme offering.
    • Provide strategic and technical support to co-design gender transformative initiatives to maximize returns for rural women.
  • Support Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)

check full job position and how to apply here 

5. Agricultural Systems Change Lead At One Acre Fund

Seeking an experienced grant lead with strong project and stakeholder management skills to steward a complex grant focused on strengthening our Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia country programs to advance agricultural systems change.
Location KenyaRwanda
Career Level Professionals

About the Role

In 2022, One Acre Fund was awarded $18m in funding from Co-Impact to implement a systems change programme in Rwanda, Kenya, and Ethiopia over a 5 year period. In every country we aggregate sufficient mass of farmers to enable private and public actors to serve them, inject productive interventions of seed, trees, and land through these aggregators, and ensure equitable gender norms to make the system truly pro-women and pro-poor. By the end of 2026, together with our public and private-sector partners, we will deliver millions in cumulative new farm profits for 3.5+ million farm families.

We are seeking an experienced grant manager with strong project and stakeholder management skills to steward a complex grant focused on strengthening our Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia country programs to advance agricultural systems change. You will lead the coordination and monitoring of main activities associated with the grant delivered through multiple internal departments and external partners. You will report to a leader on our Global Business Development & Partnerships team while also working with Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia country program team members.


  • Program strategy and implementation – You will work closely with country and program leads in the 3 countries to ensure successful tracking and delivery of program goals and grant milestones. You are expected to work with our internal teams, monitor potential risks and project implementation challenges, and work towards seeking solutions in collaboration with all project staff and consortium members.
  • Grant Writer & Management – You will be responsible for writing narrative and financial reports in collaboration with the Business Development team. You will partner with our frontend fundraisers to design and draft original writing through a collaborative process and monitor budget and associated milestones alongside our internal Grants Finance team.
  • Sub-grantee Management – You will also be working closely with our sub-grantee partner staff, ensuring grant milestones are achieved and program interventions are in alignment with the overall grant objective.

Check the full job position and how to apply here 

6. Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) Projects Senior Associate

Seeking an exceptional professional with 3+ years of project management experience to deliver excellent support to country implementation teams on  high quality, participatory program design and implementation.
Location KenyaMalawiRwandaTanzaniaZambia
Career Level Professionals

About the Role

As the PES Projects Associate you will support work in Payments for Ecosystem Services across our countries of operation.  Your primary responsibility will be to build high-quality PES programs that create meaningful impact for farmers. You will deliver excellent support to country implementation teams on high quality, participatory program design and implementation; you will support carbon certification, monitoring and sales; and you will conduct research in service of improving existing projects. As part of the Global Impact team, you will work with many different teams to accomplish a complex shared goal. You will report directly to the Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) Manager and will co-manage or directly support 1-4 country pilot leads (Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Zambia).


  • Carbon Program Design.   Lead One Acre Fund’s work in developing carbon projects that boost farmer resilience and climate change mitigation. Specifically,
    • Use participatory methods to co-design carbon projects with farmers that stand up to rigorous certification standards
    • Test new technology(ies) that improves smallholder access to carbon markets
  • Carbon Project Implementation.
    • Help implement carbon work across the organization
    • Work with country teams to develop actionable plans for operations
    • Build and keep detailed impact/business models updated with latest pilot learnings
    • Provide excellent technical support to field teams to ensure that project implementation, monitoring, and verification meet certification requirements.
    • Work with our Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning team to build a world-class monitoring system

Check the full job position and how to apply here 

7. Global Risk Manager At One Acre Fund

Seeking a strong risk manager who will build on our already strong control environment, broadening it to include a full understanding of enterprise wide risk.
Location KenyaRwanda
Career Level Professionals

About the Role

One Acre Fund requires a solid risk management and internal control system to ensure good stewardship of donor capital. The risk manager role will build on our already strong control environment, broadening it to include a full understanding of enterprise wide risk.


  • Manage and monitor financial risks
  • Ensure One Acre Fund has a solid system of internal controls
  • Lead a team of 15+ staff (2 direct reports) as they conduct financial control and risk management audits across our operating countries
  • Report key findings from the above to management and board and work with the risk owners to develop solutions to manage the identified risks and internal control gaps.

Check the full job position  and how to apply here 

8. Global Transport & Logistics Associate

About the Role

The Global Transport & Logistics Associate role will manage OAF global supply chain logistics operations across several product categories and provide expertise to country teams in logistics operations best practices.

  • You will ensure our products are delivered on time, in an efficient and cost-effective manner to country program warehouses in Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Burundi, and Tanzania
  • You will provide expertise to OAF country program teams regarding transport operations best practices
  • You will ensure timely delivery of inputs to Sub-Saharan smallholder farmers
  • You will be part of the Global Supply Chain Division and report directly to the Non-Agricultural Procurement Manager

Check the full job position and how to apply here 

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Careers in Kenya
Sidian Bank Is a Hiring Branch Manager 3 Postions
Sidian Bank Is a Hiring Branch Manager 3 Postions

Ensuring overall Branch Management, staff management, business growth and development, operational excellence. This role also develops and implements business strategies to deliver performance and growth targets as well as maintain good business environment.


Strategic input and planning

  • Contributes to the completion of the Sidian Bank Retail Operational plan by preparing and implementing a branch business plan that encompasses strategies for performance on branch growth objectives.
  • Prepares the branch budget for approval and contributes to the overall control of expenditure by monitoring costs and reporting on performance against budget variations.

Sales & Business Development

  • Full responsibility for all product lines and all sales and business development for entire branch business.
  • Develop business opportunities and monitor business’s activities in line with the Bank’s long-term strategic and annual business plans and ensure that the Bank remains competitive and promptly reacts to changing market conditions and customer needs.
  • Develop and implement a branch turnaround strategy to ensure that at least the branch is profitable.
  • Develop a focused relationship management system, which increases the branch ability to increase the flow of business and generate deposits, lending and revenues from existing and new customers in line with the enterprise strategy.
  • Enhance the appropriate controls and monitoring mechanisms for the development of a high-quality lending.
  • Ensure full compliance with the Bank’s Credit Policy, Central Bank of Kenya guidelines and appropriate provisions of the Banking Act with respect to lending.
  • Enhance relationship marketing and management – to establish, maintain, and enhance relationships with customers and other partners, at a profit, so that the both the customer and bank objectives are met achieved by a mutual exchange and fulfillment of the brand promise.
  • Ensuring compliance to the Environmental Social Management (ESM) policy and procedure in day to day branch business.

Strategic Marketing

  • Embed strategic marketing by focusing on how to develop competitive advantage into the changing marketplace and leveraging on the banks distinctive capabilities to drive value.
  • Enhance creation by creating, communicating, delivering, and offering solutions that have value for customers, shareholders and partners.
  • Build the Sidian Bank Brand to ensure that the bank is top of mind as an enterprise bank.
  • Understand and provide clear direction to the branch based on market analysis of local area consumer trends and competitor offerings.
  • Ensure that merchandising materials are displayed in accordance with guidelines.
  • Brief staff on promotional and product launches; provide regular feedback on sales performance.
  • Establish relationships with key clients or business influencers in the local area, including client entertainment within budget limits set by the business.
  • Support product specialists and the sales team in marketing of initiatives and other products to local businesses.

Strategic customer experience

  • Key driver for not only customer satisfaction, but building a base of promoters by enhancing positive customer experience and advocacy to drive competitive advantage, leading to faster organic growth and lower cost.
  • Create a differentiated customer experience design, tailored to target customer needs and optimize customer interactions with the brand, offerings, and touch points to consistently deliver and make continuous improvements to the design.
  • Link sales and service and embed customer service culture as the bedrock to grow the balance sheet.

Branch Operations

  • Ensures operations meet legislative and Sidian Bank policy requirements, including health and safety requirements, by monitoring systems, procedures and workflows, and implementing corrective action.
  • Responsible for all security procedures within the branch including opening procedures, camera surveillance and maintenance, video monitoring, robbery and fire drill procedures.
  • Ensures adequate cash levels to support operations.
  • Ensures branch staff are adequately trained in KYC and AML and are adhering to the prudential guidelines.

Leadership & People Management:

  • With the support of Human Resources, is responsible for the Human Resource Management of the branch staff and consults with HR on clarity and interpretation of the HR policy.
  • Contributes to the ability of staff to meet performance objectives by providing day to day supervision, training and support and leading performance processes in accordance with Sidian policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for identifying and developing career path opportunities for staff.
  • Contributes to the development of staff by assisting with the interpretation and implementation of operational policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for assigning tasks to staff, scheduling and monitoring work and reviewing results for timeliness, accuracy and quality.
  • Contributes to the flow of staff communications, by conducting regular staff meetings – morning huddles and weekly progress meetings.
  • Encourages staff to participate in internal and external training and development opportunities as these arise and in accordance with individualized development plans.
  • Responsible for the presentation and service standards of retail staff to ensure a professional image is maintained with all clients.
  • Ensures adherence to dress code, code of conduct and HR policies and procedures and follows laid down grievance and disciplinary procedure to ensure a conducive work environment.
  • Responsible for mentoring and coaching the retail team to enhance staff motivation, engagement and improve performance.
  • Approval on lending discretion as per lending policy.
  • Approval of new accounts opened in the branch.
  • Approval of exceptional requests with respect to KYC on account opening.
  • Approval on costs within set budgets e.g. taxi expenses, facilities maintenance, petty cash spend etc.
  • Approval to spend on customer recovery within budgeted limit.
  • Making decisions on referrals for accounts under their codes.
  • Discretion on resource allocation within the branches under approved headcount for optimum productivity.
  • University degree or above in a relevant business discipline e.g. business administration or finance
  • At least 10 years’ experience in retail banking and/or commercial banking including a minimum of 5 years proven and progressive management experience.
  • Sound knowledge of Retail Banking/SME products, services and processes together with exposure in retail banking branch operations or customer service delivery.
  • Profound understanding of retail market, key competitors and offerings as well as our competitive edges to win quality customers.
  • Thorough understanding of CBK regulatory framework and pertinent regulations impacting corporate customers.
  • Strong leadership, marketing, sales and management skills.
  • Highly effective communicator with excellent interpersonal and motivational skills.
  • Solid performance management and motivational skills.
  • Excellent relationship building and stakeholder management skills.
  • Strong managerial, planning, analytical, decision-making, lateral thinking and project management skills
  • Diploma in Banking – AKIB/ACCA/CPA (K)

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Similar Clinical Improvement Specialist-Care and Treatment At CIHEB-Kenya

Careers in Kenya
Clinical Improvement Specialist-Care and Treatment At CIHEB-Kenya

Clinical Improvement Specialist-Care and Treatment At CIHEB-Kenya

Position Title:            Clinical Improvement Specialist-Care and Treatment

Project:                      USAID Stawisha Pwani

Location:                    Kwale


The Center for International Health, Education and Biosecurity (CIHEB)-Kenya is a local non-governmental organization collaborating with the Ministry of Health and County Health Management Teams to strengthen health systems for improved quality of health care in Kenya.

CIHEB-Kenya is collaborating with the county governments of Machakos, Makueni and Kitui and Kisumu and Migori to support the implementation and expansion of high quality, sustainable and comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment programs (see above edit to include TRACK) with funding from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

The USAID Stawisha Pwani project is a 5-year Kenya Health Partnerships for Quality Services (KHPQS) project to be implemented in four coastal counties of Kilifi, Kwale, Mombasa and Taita Taveta.

The aim of the project is to increase the use of quality county-led health services by strengthening county health systems with a focus on HIV Prevention & Treatment, FP/ RMNCAH and Nutrition. The program aims to support the four county governments toward sustainability in quality and systems of health services.

 Job Summary

The overall function of this position is to ensure effective implementation of quality HIV Care and Treatment services in supported counties. Responsible for working closely with the MOH and County Health teams, partners, and service providers in the region to strengthen health systems and ensure that the quality of HIV prevention, care and treatment and TB supported across the program is consistent with the national MOH/County Health Services quality standards and guidelines. Responsible for supporting the training, on-site technical supportive supervision, mentorship, coaching and regular updates to service providers in PMTCT, HIV care and treatment and TB care for all populations.

 Roles and Responsibilities

  • Co-ordinate the planning, conducting, analyzing and disseminating results of site capacity assessments at supported facilities.
  • Provide technical support through training and on site mentorship to facility multidisciplinary teams in management of HIV,TB,NCD,AHD and related diseases as per the recommended national guidelines
  • Examine facility operations and systems and recommend ways to improve processes geared towards enhancing patient level outcomes
  • Represent the organization in technical capacity at county and facility level meetings
  • Ensure achievement of program’s annual service delivery targets for the region and develop remedial plans where the targets fall short.
  • Ensure synergy with the sub county technical team in site level supervision.
  • Review facility reports and quality of care indicators routinely and provides guidance and recommendations related to tracked indicators and outcomes.
  • Support facilities to retain clients using HIFADHI approach, develop plans to close the gaps in IIT(interruption in treatment) and embrace U-U structured messages in all supported facilities
  • Support site level Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and strengthen capacity of site level MDT to increasingly use their data to support improvements for patient case management including DSD.
  • Support facility teams to build local capacity for quality improvement activities by establishing work improvement teams (WITs) at different departments that identify gaps subsequently prioritizing, analyzing, and implementing QI projects.
  • Maintain thorough documentation of activities and tracks deliverables
  • Ensure timely submission of quality reports from the field,trainings,meetings,including Monthly, quarterly and annual reports as per the organization policy
  • Coordinate dashboard reviews of project clinical outcomes and utilize project data to prioritize interventions.
  • Provide representation as delegated in critical stakeholder meetings and activities.
  • Maintain current knowledge of medical practice standards and developments.

Required Qualifications

  • B.Ch.B, MD or MBBS required with significant field experience in clinical and/or community-based care of persons living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Registered clinical officer with over five years’ experience in HIV/ AIDS program implementation may be considered.
  • Experience in Health Care programming at the field level and providing technical assistance to partner organizations knowledge and experience of ART programmatic and technical issues highly desired.
  • Program management experience and experience in a supervisory role is a plus.
  • Knowledge and experience with Kenya HIV Quality Improvement Framework.
  • Experience working with government institutions, counties and local partners.

How to Apply:

Kindly send your application that includes a cover letter and an updated CV including names of three professional referees to on or before 31st October 2023. Applicants are advised to include the title “CLINICAL IMPROVEMENT SPECIALIST” on the subject line.

The Center for International Health, Education and Biosecurity (CIHEB)-Kenya is an equal opportunity employer. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.


Similar Progressive Assembly Welfare Association Is Actively Hiring; Apply

Careers in Kenya
Progressive Assembly Welfare Association Is Actively Hiring; Apply

300 Open Vacancies At Progressive Assembly Welfare Association


Progressive Assembly Welfare Association (P.A.W.A) is a registered voluntary membership welfare society. P.A.W.A principal objective is to find a solution to the poverty, semi-illiteracy and insecurity driven problems in Kenya.

Our solution lies in harnessing the immense Kenyan human resource and potentials by affording an easy access to capital, sustainable wealth creation and strategic wealth management.

P.A.W.A members participate by contributing to the P.A.W.A common pool and P.A.W.A invests this money in such community development and opportunities creation disciplines as members deem to be of economic value.

P.A.W.A members benefit through access to interest-free loans, monthly allowances, yearly dividends among other benefits proportional to their contributions.

P.A.W.A may also welcome investors for cash infusion for short-term projects with a maturity period of between 6 months to 1 year to earn at reasonable rates of interest.

Branch Officials

Number of Vacancies/Positions: 300

Responsibilities Duties:

1. To carry on vigorous campaigns and organizational work among members in order to help realize the aims and objectives of the Association,

2. To recruit new members to the Association,

3. To help executive the broad policy, projects and programs of the Association and carry out instructions received from the National Chairman and the National Executive Council,

4. To work closely with government officers, public and private entities involved in community welfare development activities within the Branch area of jurisdiction so as to organize literacy groups, rallies and other activities intended to promote the values and interests of the Association and education appreciation objectives among Kenyans,

5. To submit reports and statements of accounts to the National Executive Council.

Qualifications/Professional Skills/Expertise:

1. Be self-motivated and ability to work under minimal supervision,

2. Be conversant with basic computer/IT know-how,

3. Be people-centric with a passion to be a socio-economic change-maker,

4. Ability to fundraise through socio-enterprise investments,

5. Ability to mobilize and manage people and resources necessary.

How to Apply



This is an equal opportunity employment on first-come basis. Entry level salary is results-oriented and commission based.


Click here to Apply


Deadline : 15th November, 2023 .


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Careers in Kenya
Vacancies Open At Mandera County Public Service Board
11 Vacancies Open At Mandera County Public Service Board

–  Regionally competitive and self-reliant Mandera County
–  To strategically position Mandera County to be innovative, competitive in achieving sustainable
progress, wealthy, healthy, cohesive and secure for all.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Innovativeness
  • Professionalism
  • Team work
  • Equity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Respect for rule of law


Careers in Kenya
Murang’a University Jobs And How To Apply

Murang’a University Jobs And How To Apply

Library Assistants And Assistant Student Counsellor Positions To Apply

Library Assistants And Assistant Student Counsellor At Murang'a University
Library Assistants And Assistant Student Counsellor At Murang’a University


Similar Heritage Insurance Company Hiring Branch Manager; Check Position And Apply

Apply For the Positions

About The University

Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) was chartered on October 7th, 2016 at Statehouse, Nairobi by H.E. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, C.G.H., President and Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Forces of the Republic of Kenya. Following the award of the charter, MUT became one of the thirty-one (31) Chartered Public Universities in Kenya. The University operates under the provisions of the Universities Act, 2012 (Rev. 2016), guidelines issued by the Commission for University Education, University Charter, and Statutes.

Murang’a University of Technology, formerly Murang’a University College (MRUC), was established through Legal Notice No.129 of September 2011 as a Constituent College of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). Murang’a University College was a successor to Murang’a College of Technology (MCT), established in 1975.

The University lies on 60 acres of land, 1.5 km east of Murang’a Town, in Murang’a County. It is about 85 km North-East of Nairobi, 70 km southeast of Nyeri, and 50 km southwest of Embu.

The founding University Council was inaugurated on November 6th, 2012. The third Council appointed in August 2017 governs the University. The University has successfully held four (4) graduation ceremonies in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The University is committed to providing high quality education and training, producing competent graduates and endeavors to excel in areas of Teaching, Training, Learning, Research and Innovation, Extension and Consultancy Services to achieve its mandate.

The University currently offers graduate and undergraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates in Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, Pure and Applied Sciences, Business and Economics, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. In addition, the University offers the competency-based curriculum for Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET).

Careers in Kenya
Heritage Insurance Company Is Hiring Branch Manager; Apply

Heritage Insurance Company Hiring Branch Manager

Branch Manager At Heritage Insurance Company
Branch Manager At Heritage Insurance Company


Similar Lintons Hiring Assistant Accountant; Check Requirements And Apply


We are a subsidiary of Liberty Kenya Holdings Plc which is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. Liberty Kenya Holdings Plc is also the holding company for Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Ltd, the long term businesses of the group. It is a subsidiary of Liberty Holdings Limited, a leading financial services group with a representation in 25 countries across the African continent. Liberty Holdings Limited is majority owned by Standard Bank Group Limited which is the largest African banking group by assets.



Our purpose is to improve your life by making your financial freedom possible. We do this by helping you manage your risks, so you’re free to focus on what’s really important.
We have been providing short term insurance products to Kenyans for over 50 years. Our origins trace back to 1908 and 1924 when the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society and The Legal & General Insurance Company, respectively commenced their Kenyan operations in 1924.

These two Companies later merged their interests in 1976 to form The Heritage Insurance Company Limited.

At Heritage where we provide short term insurance products, we pride ourselves on our history of claims payment. This was recently recognized when we won the prestigious Think Business General Insurer of the Year award in 2018.

We are also rated AA- by Global Rating Company (GRC). This is one of the highest international ratings for insurers and affirms our high claims paying ability.

The company has a strong financial track record and is rated A+ (Superior) by Global Credit Rating.

Heritage Insurance offers a variety of insurance products, including:

  • Motor insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Travel insurance
Careers in Kenya
Lintons Hiring Assistant Accountant; Check Requirements And Apply

Lintons Hiring Assistant Accountant; Check Requirements And Apply

Lintons Hiring Assistant Accountant; Check Requirements And Apply
Lintons Hiring Assistant Accountant; Check Requirements And Apply


Similar Lintons Beauty Jobs; Assistant Accountant, General Ledger & Tax 

About Lintons

Lintons is a leading beauty brand in East Africa, founded in 2008 by Dr Joyce Gikunda and Edward Gikunda.  Lintons is on a mission to impact the lives of Africans through beauty.  Currently, Lintons executes this mission though these 4 focus areas; 

Lintons Beauty World, a multichannel retail business that has grown to 30 shops in Nairobi, Mombasa & Kampala offering top of the line skincare, color cosmetics, luxury fragrance and day-spa experience. Through these shops, Lintons not only houses global brands such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC, Clarins, Lancome, Chanel, Dior, but also offers a platform to upcoming local brands and manufacturers to reach a fast growing consumer base.  Customers are increasingly able to access Lintons’ wide range of products via digital channels such as Lintons ECP and Jumia.

Lintons Trade business exclusively distributes global brands in skin, color, fragrance and hair categories such as SheaMoisture, Black Opal, Note Cosmetics, Adopt, L’Occitane, Nimue, Bio Balance to big box retailers, salons, pharmacies and spas across the region.

Lintons Academy is an industry-focused, TVETA accredited beauty college that upskills aspiring beauty professionals, graduates, professional makeup artists, therapists and discerning customers at its unique training facility in Westlands, Nairobi. The Academy bridges the gap to industry by facilitating placements & practicums to large retailers and brands.

Lintons Foundation is a non-profit founded on the values of equal access to opportunity in the fast growing beauty industry.  Through advocacy & partnerships with governments and like-minded social impact organisations such as the Danish Refugee Council, the foundation is able to raise funds, provide scholarships and otherwise unattainable exposure to excluded women and youth in the wider East African region.

Our Purpose 

Lintons envisions a future where Africans are fully awakened to their inner beauty and use this to fearlessly transform the world around them. In this future, “Beauty” is not just a feel good notion, but a high-impact highly-sought-after career pathway, a value chain uplifting many out of poverty and a catalyst stirring growth of local media, agribusiness, manufacturing & services.

Core Values

Lintons is motivated by 3 core values that are foundational to our culture, brand & business:

  • Passion: we love what we do and put our customers needs first

  • Authenticity: we understand trust is earned by offering only legitimate, non-counterfeit products & services, over decades.

  • Innovation: we continuously learn from our customers and partners, solve problems in new ways

Careers in Kenya
Lintons Beauty Jobs; Assistant Accountant, General Ledger & Tax

Assistant Accountant, General Ledger & Tax At Lintons Beauty

Assistant Accountant, General Ledger & Tax At Lintons
Assistant Accountant, General Ledger & Tax At Lintons


Similar Project’s Managers Urgently Needed At Akili