CBK Hiring Clinical Officer

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Closing Date: Wednesday, 03 Apr 2024 at 5.00 p.m.

Job Purpose

As a healthcare professional, the role holder will apply medical knowledge and skills to the diagnosis, prevention, and management of diseases. The role holder is responsible for ensuring quality preventive and curative health services for Bank Staff. He/She will collaborate with other healthcare professionals to deliver quality patient care.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Technical and Operational Responsibilities
1. Conduct patient assessments, including medical history, physical examinations and diagnostic tests among others.
2. Provide consultation services to patients in the staff clinic, diagnosing, giving health education, counselling, and treatment.
3. Take patients notes, examine, and document all findings both for legal reference and for the benefit of medical staff.
4. Liaise with other service providers to ensure efficient and effective management of patients.
5. Refer patients to the hospitals, physiotherapy, x-ray units, laboratory, external doctors, and other service providers in a timely manner as and when required.
6. Facilitate the admission of patients to the main hospitals and other specialized facilities as and when required.
7. Undertake continuous evaluation of patient’s response to plan of care and modify as needed.
8. Carry out specific medical and surgical procedures.
9. Adhere to ethical and legal standards of practice at all times as is required of a healthcare professional.
10. Promote disease prevention and well-being through education, write ups, and wellness programmes/ initiatives.
11. Maintain confidentiality and impartiality in service provision.
12. Participate in formulation of customer satisfaction survey questionnaire and implementation of interventions to ensure quality experience at the staff clinic.
13. Provide support to patient who have been referred for overseas treatment.
14. Keep up to date with medical developments, new drugs, treatments and medications, including complementary medicine.
15. Provide Guidance, Counselling / advise services to clients on health matters.
16. Ensure working environment and waste disposal is according to the established procedures.
17. Advocate on behalf of patients and makes ethical decisions related to consent and confidentiality.
18. Contribute to the planning and implementation of the clinic budget and business plan and ensure budget optimization.
19. Adhere to Bank policies, procedures, guidelines and related legislations.
20. Any other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Medicine OR Higher National Diploma in related clinical field.
2. Registered with the Clinical Officers Council of Kenya.
3. Must have current practice license by the Clinical Officers Council of Kenya.

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Work Experience

At least six (6) years’ experience in a busy health facility.


Technical Competencies
1. Knowledge of Health laws and standard medical practices and procedures.
2. Experience in providing medical services.
3. Experience in patient care.
4. Experience in preparing reports.
5. Customer orientation- is customer focused striking a solid balance between external and internal customer expectations.
6. Experience in handling medical schemes.

Behavioural/ General Competencies
1. Planning and organization – Ability to organize work, set priorities, and determine resource requirements; determine short or long-term goals and strategies to achieve them; coordinate with other stakeholders or part of the organization to accomplish goals.
2. Quality orientation – Ability to check work to ensure accuracy. Adopt a disciplined approach to work and drive for results, and success.
3. Communication & information sharing -Ability to express information clearly and succinctly, orally and in writing, considering the audience and the nature of the information.
4. Professionalism, work ethic & integrity – Ability to convey a high level of excellence and competence on delivery of duty.
5. Collaboration and teamwork – Ability to work collaboratively within a group of people to achieve a common goal.
6. Accountability and professional development – Ability to take and accept responsibility and outcome thereof in an open and transparent manner.
7. Customer focus – Ability to demonstrate concern for the expectations of customers and prioritize them as well as convey realistic expectations to both internal and external customers.
8. Resilience – Ability to withstand operational challenges and maintain momentum.
9. Emotional Intelligence – manages emotions in a mature and composed manner as expected of staff.
10. Confidentiality – Ability to maintain strict confidence in line with the Profession’s requirements.
11. Empathy – Ability to understand and share feelings of others, accompanied by a desire to help or support them.

Candidates are requested to note that:

  • INCOMPLETE applications will not be considered.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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CBK Hiring Clinical Officer

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