Current Vacancies at United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Current Vacancies at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Driver / Protocol Assistant

The incumbent will work under the direct supervision of the Head of the UNEP Pretoria Office and will be responsible for the following:

  • Drives vehicles safely for the transport of authorized personnel and for the transport of general cargo goods; Ensures that the steps required by rules and regulations are taken in case of accident.
  • Meets and transports official personnel to and from authorized locations; Deals effectively and tactfully with officials and visitors.
  • Takes care of the day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicles. Checks oil, water, battery, brakes, tires, etc.; performs minor repairs and arranges for other repairs and ensures that vehicle is kept clean. Logs fuel consumption, maintenance etc.
  • Makes deliveries of parcels, documents, etc., between the office and other offices and institutions, e.g. Government Ministries, Embassies, Permanent Missions, etc.
  • Makes minor purchases and collects urgent purchases from local suppliers as requested.
  • Supports administrative assistant in processing vehicle clearances/registration, customs and tax related matters in support of staff of the Regional Office; Applies good judgment in the context of assignments given.
  • Supports all the protocol related services for UNEP in South Africa in collaboration with the department of international relations on issues related to diplomatic visa issuance and arranging high level missions in the country.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications/special skills

  • A minimum of two (2) years of progressively responsible experience in provision of driving services is required.
  • Experience in driving a variety of makes and models, particularly light passenger vehicles is required.
  • An additional three years of professional experience as an official driver/clerk is desirable.
  • Experience working as a professional driver in international organizations such as the United Nations is desirable.
  • Experience driving high-level officials is desirable.
  • Experience in dealing with authorities in expediting customs clearance, visas etc. is desirable.


  • English and French are the working languages of the United Nations. For this role, fluency in written and spoken English and is required. Knowledge of French is desirable

Deadline : Feb 2, 2024


Intern Faith for Earth Coalition


This will include: 

  • Assist in implementing the Faith for Earth Strategy by supporting the Principal Coordinator and the Team in the research of linkages between faith and environment conservation.
  • Support the Team by researching and tabulating different approaches by faith organizations on the wide spectrum on environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity protection, pollution, ecosystem restoration and sustainable consumption and production.
  • Support the activities of the Coalition in organizing, facilitating, and recording meetings’ discussions.
  • Assist in the preparation of global webinars and events.
  • Assist in the production of content for use on the social media, website, newsletter, and other communications channels promoting and inspiring actions by faith believers to conserve the environment.
  • Assist in the day-to-day management of the social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) in particular in the context of UNEP’s communication campaigns.
  • Support in connecting and communicating with faith-based environmental organizations.
  • Support in the writing of different progress reports and articles on linkages between faith, values and beliefs and the environment.

Qualifications/special skills
Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • be enrolled in, or have completed, a graduate school programme (second university degree or equivalent, or higher);
  • be enrolled in, or have completed, the final academic year of a first university degree programme (minimum bachelor’s degree or equivalent).
  • Preferred area of study: A degree programme in environmental studies, communications, media studies, international relations or journalism and other social sciences, including sociology, theology, political science, as well as in the areas of information and knowledge management, or related fields.
  • Applicants to the UN Internship Programme are not required to have professional work experience. However, a field of study that is closely related to the type of internship that you are applying for is required.
  • Applicants must be a student in the final year of the first university degree (bachelor or equivalent), Master’s or Ph.D. Programme or equivalent, or have completed a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PH.D. Programme.  Do you meet any of the above criteria? If yes, please indicate which one and attach proof to the application. Please note that you will have to provide an official certificate at a later stage.
  • Applicants should have good knowledge of standard software applications, especially MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Teams.
  • Ability to draft news articles and/or social media posts in desirable.
  • Ability to design surveys and polls is desirable.
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  • English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English is required for the internship. Knowledge of an additional official UN language is desirable. Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish are the official languages of the United Nations Secretariat.


HR Associate CICAM & Shared Services at CIC Insurance

Communications Specialist


Specific tasks and responsibilities


  • Work with, coordinate with and train national research partners on Communication related topics to ensure development of national communications products
  • Work with the Ecosystems Division Advocacy and Communication Group to improve the coordination and efficiency of the advocacy and communication efforts, as advocacy focal point for the Biodiversity and Land Branch at UNEP; mainstreaming of TEEBAgriFood activities via this Advocacy and Communication Group
  • Ensure effective knowledge management by coordinating the flow of information, communication and advocacy products from country partners to global UNEP workstreams, and as such connecting work across silos
  • Ensure smooth workflow between the Economics of Nature Unit and the UNEP Communication Division. Liaise with Head of Content & Head of Multimedia to ensure visibility of TEEB Communications products on global UNEP Channels
  • Work with partners to identify and coordinate key moments for advocacy and public-facing communication activities for TEN
  • Oversee the day-to-day work of those contributing to TEN communications: Communications Consultants, Graphic Designer, Videographer, Website Consultant etc.

Content creation

  • Develop and oversee the development of impact stories for IKEA projects through a wide variety of communication tools and products (e.g. infographics, geospatial platforms, story maps, dynamic blog pieces, human interest stories), using data and insights from TEN workstreams.
  • Visit IKEA partner countries to coordinate video production and develop multimedia content to be highlighted on
  • Develop country policy briefs jointly with IKEA country leads and national country institutions.
  • Develop social media content in collaboration with IKEA Foundation partners, at country level as well as at global level, through UNEP and TEEB social media channels
  • Coordinate the development of materials and media briefings advocacy events linked to the IKEA Foundation project
  • Develop TEEBAgriFood content for blog articles, audio-visual materials, newsletters and website updates, based on identified user needs from national project partners and global end users

Qualifications/special skills

  • A first-level degree in Media, Communication, Languages or Environment related subjects is required. An advanced degree would be an added advantage.
  • A minimum of two (2) years of relevant work experience in Journalism or Communication for International Development is required.
  • Previous work within the UN System or International Organizations is required.
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  • English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. For this post, oral and written English is required.

Deadline : Feb 2, 2024


Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision by the Programme Assistant, the intern will perform the following duties and responsibilities.

  • Assist in providing support to monitoring UNEP’s inputs to UN INFO and other reporting platforms.
  • Assist in liaising with UNRC Offices to support in monitoring the political situation in the Sub-Region and its potential impact on the implementation of UNEP’s projects and
  • programmes.
  • Assist in research and compiling relevant data and preparing briefing notes for the Head of Office for meetings.
  • Assist projects managers to facilitate the implementation of programmes and projects at country level.
  • Assist in drafting background papers, analysis, sections of reports and studies, inputs to publications, Common Country Analysis, Country Frameworks, and workshops.
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.

Qualifications/special skills
Applicants must at the time of application meet one of the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in a graduate school programme (second university degree or equivalent, or higher);
  • Be enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree program (minimum Bachelor’s level or equivalent);
  • Have graduated with a university degree and, if selected, must commence the internship within a one-year period of graduation.
  • Be computer literate in standard software applications.
  • Have demonstrated keen interest in the work of the United Nations and have a personal commitment to the ideals of the Charter;
  • Have a demonstrated ability to successfully interact with individuals of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, which include willingness to try and understand and be tolerant of differing opinions and views.
  • Preferred relevant field of study business administration, international relations, environmental sciences, or related field is required.


  • Working knowledge of  English and French is required

Midterm Review Consultant

Specific duties and responsibilities: 

  • All the activities related to the MTR are to be carried out as per UNEP Evaluation Policy and the UNEP Programme Manual. The Mid-Term Review will use a participatory approach whereby key stakeholders are kept informed and consulted throughout the review process. Both quantitative and qualitative review methods will be used as appropriate to determine project achievements against the expected outputs, outcomes and impacts. It is highly recommended that the Review Consultant maintains close communication with the project team and promotes information exchange throughout the review implementation phase in order to increase their (and other stakeholder) ownership of the review findings.
  • The Review Consultant should provide a geo-referenced map that demarcates the area covered by the project and provide geo-reference photographs of key intervention sites (e.g. sites of habitat rehabilitation and protection, pollution treatment infrastructure, etc.)

The findings of the Review will be based on the following:
A desk review of:
Relevant background documentation, inter alia:

  • Project Document and Appendices
  • Project design documents (including minutes of the project design review meeting at approval); Annual Work Plans and Budgets or equivalent, revisions to the project (Project Document Supplement), the logical framework and its budget;
  • Project reports such as annual program report, quarterly progress and financial reports, progress reports from collaborating partners, meeting minutes, relevant correspondence etc.;
  • Budget revisions
  • Evaluations/Reviews of similar projects.
  • Project Review meeting summary

Interviews (individual or in group) with:

  • UNEP ISLANDS Lead, UNEP Project Manager  and team members;
  • Representatives of Implementing Agencies (FAO, UNDP and IDB) and respective executive agencies
  • ISLANDS child projects project managers, communication officers;
  • UNEP Fund Management Officer (FMO);
  • GEF Secretariat;
  • GGKP team members
  • Executing agencies for the regional child projects.
  • Convention Secretariats
  • GEF independent evaluation office
  • Sample of government representatives from the child projects.
  • Field visits: at least one visit to Geneva to meet with the GGKP team to present the findings of the mid-term review.
  • Other data collection tools: to be determined by the Review Consultant at the inception phase.
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The Review Consultant will prepare:

  • Inception Report: (see Annex 3 of these TOR for guidance on structure and content) containing confirmation of the results framework and Theory of Change of the project, project stakeholder analysis, review framework and a tentative review schedule.
  • Preliminary Findings Note: typically, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, the sharing of preliminary findings is intended to support the participation of the project team, act as a means to ensure all information sources have been accessed and provide an opportunity to verify emerging findings.
  • Draft and Final Review Reports: (see Annex 4 for guidance on structure and content) containing an Executive Summary that can act as a stand-alone document; detailed analysis of the review findings organised by review criteria and supported with evidence; lessons learned and recommendations and an annotated ratings table.

Review of the draft Review Report.

  • The Review Consultant will submit a draft report to the UNEP Project Manager and revise the draft in response to their comments and suggestions. Once a draft of adequate quality has been peer-reviewed and accepted, the Project Manager will share the cleared draft report with key project stakeholders for their review and comments. Stakeholders may provide feedback on any errors of fact and may highlight the significance of such errors in any conclusions as well as providing feedback on the proposed recommendations and lessons. Any comments or responses to draft reports will be sent to the Project Manager for consolidation. The Project Manager will provide all comments to the Review Consultant for consideration in preparing the final report, along with guidance on areas of contradiction or issues requiring an institutional response.
  • At the end of the review process and based on the findings in the Review Report, the UNEP Project Manager will prepare a Recommendations Implementation Plan in the format of a table, to be completed and updated at regular intervals, and circulate Lessons Learned.

Qualifications/special skills

  • A first-level university degree in environmental sciences, international development, chemicals and waste, knowledge management, communication, Small Island Developing States, or another relevant political or social sciences area is required. The years of experience are reduced by two for candidates who possess an advanced degree in the related field.
  • A minimum of 5 years of technical / evaluation experience is required, preferably including evaluating evaluating large, regional, or global programmes and using a Theory of Change approach.
  • A good/broad understanding of Development in a Small Island Developing States context is desired.
  • Working knowledge of the UN system and specifically the work of UNEP is an added advantage.


  • For this consultancy, fluency in oral and written English is a requirement. Knowledge of any other UN language is an added advantage.

Deadline : Feb 15, 2024

Method of Application