Fire Protection Systems Technician at Africa Talent Contours Limited

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Fire Protection Systems Technician at Africa Talent Contours Limited


  • Performs maintenance on fire protection systems to ensure safe, reliable, uninterrupted fire protection service.
  • Maintains, inspects, and tests fire protection systems to operate as designed.
  • Corrects all fire protection system deficiencies immediately upon discovery.
  • Inspects and tests electrical devices, electronics alarm components.
  • Tests and maintains radio alarm transmitters for daily automatic test signals, receiver processor consoles, signal recording devices, initiating, and signaling circuits, water flow, detectors, manual pull stations, and thermal and ionization detection, actuating and indicating devices.
  • Performs manual and automatic actuation of gaseous extinguishing agent for carbon dioxide systems; tests hose reels or flooding systems; and dry chemical expellant gas and foam concentrate systems.
  • Conducts flow tests of fire suppression systems such as electric motor drive and diesel engine driven fire pumps, sprinkler systems tested include wet pipe, pre-action, fire hydrant, standpipe and other associated fire protection equipment.
  • Performs preventive maintenance, inspection and lubrication services on equipment and machinery in accordance with published schedules and instructions.
  • Performs testing, operation and maintenance of all automatic fire protection including pumps, controls, and annunciation based on maintenance manual procedures.
  • Records services performed and conditions found on service card or work order forms.
  • Identifies worn and or failed parts: orders and replaces.
  • Reassembles unit; installs necessary seals and gaskets.
  • Ensures assembly is within specified tolerance.
  • Observes and follows all safety rules and procedures, including wearing applicable P.P.E. and promotes safety awareness in the shop.
  • Performs other duties as required.
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 BASIC JOB QUALIFICATIONS: (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)

  • Must be able to read, interpret blueprints and design and follow engineering drawings, specifications, and instruction.
  • Must be able to perform physical activities such as, but not limited to, bending, standing, climbing, or walking.
  • Must speak, read, and understand the English Language.
  • Must pass overseas medical screening and be in good health.
  • Must have a valid Professional Driver’s License


  • Personnel working on fire protection systems must be trained and qualified on
  1. Automatic Sprinkler Systems – Wet, Dry, Precaution
  2. Automatic/Manual Starting Systems – Electric Driven and Diesel Driven fire pumps
  3. Automatic/Manual, Carbon Dioxide, and FM200 – Underfloor Flooding, Total Flooding, and Hose Reels
  4. Automatic/Manual Dry Chemical Systems
  5. Interior Fire Alarm Systems – 120V AC Powered, 24V DC Powered, Heat Detectors, Smoke Detectors, Manual Pull Stations, and Horns, Bells, and Relays
  6. Exterior Radio Fire Alarm Systems – 12V DC Powered, Transmitters, Interface Panels, Antennas, Receivers, and Power Supplies
  7. Fire Hydrants
  8. Underground Fire Mains
  9. Sectional Control Valves
  10. Water Storage Tanks
  11. Fire Pumps – Diesel Engines and Electric Motors


  • Must have at least High school diploma, Technical or Vocational Course graduate is required Knowledge of basic electronics/electricity is a plus


  • Must have at least one (1) years’ experience in Fire Protection or two years electronics/electricity.

Basic terms of the job offer.

  • Assignment Duration: 12 months. Renewal subject to performance and project status.
  • Base Monthly Salary: 48 hours per week minimum work requirement: $510.00 (based on 48 hr. work week requirement)
  • Working schedule: 48 hours per week (8 hours per day/6 days a week)
  • Payroll period: Monthly. Amount give take home.
  • Overtime: Work more than 8 hours per day or work performed on a rest day and/or holiday,  will be paid as overtime at the base salary rate.
  • Accommodations: Housing, transportation, meals in-country, and laundry facilities are provided
  • Sick Leave: Employee will accrue 2.67 hours of sick leave for each full month of service, beginning with the completion of the first full month of Foreign Service employment.
  • Annual leave Up to 21 days paid at the end of each 12-month contract.
  • Travel will be provided by the employer to the employee’s home country.
  • Project Holidays: 10 paid holidays. New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, President’s Day, Philippine Independence Day, USA Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day
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Other requirements

  • Your Passport must be valid for at least 12 months, with at least 6 total blank visa pages remaining.
  • Your driver’s license must be valid for at least 6 months (unless processing for a CDL-required position, which will require 12 months remaining).
  • Updated covid vaccination certificate
  • Medical exam report at a date to be advised


Interested and qualified candidates should forward their CV to: using the position as subject of email.

Interested and qualified? Go to Africa Talent Contours Limited on to apply

Fire Protection Systems Technician at Africa Talent Contours Limited

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