How to Join Andela Kenya; As An Employee or A Trainee


How to Join Andela Kenya; As An Employee or A Trainee,

Andela is an African-founded talent management community that poaches potential technologists and trains them to fit global market standards of software development.

What started as a Nigerian-based tech startup has ballooned into a fully-fledged global marketplace for programming services.

Andela has since branched out in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

So, how does one join Andela?

Does one need a programming background to join the tech-innovation community?

Who Can Join Andela?

Before learning to join Andela, how about finding out if you are eligible?

Software development is often perceived as a difficult subject reserved for a few.

The highly-lucrative field is, however, not as difficult as most would like to believe.

That’s why Andela does not restrict its intake to individuals with a technological background but opens its doors to anyone willing to learn software development, product designers, and engineers.

All you need is a passion to participate in the recruitment process.

That’s it!  Anyone willing to learn programming is free to join the Andela training program, but they have to pass all four recruitment stages.

Another way to join Andela Kenya is by applying for vacancies on their career portal. That is if you already have marketable skills and can meet the advertised job requirements.

How to Join Andela Kenya

There are two ways to join Andela, as mentioned above. You can join Andela’s team as an employee or as a trainee:

1. As an Employee

If you already possess the skills that Andela is looking for, you can join the team as an employee.

The process starts with signing up with the Andela platform.You are expected to fill in your details, such as your name, country, and email.

The signup process also requires you to highlight your experience and an updated CV.

You can join their training team or positions that align with your specialization, like operations manager, cloud engineering specialist, etc. 

2. As a Trainee

You can join Andela boot camp as an amateur and become marketable through their fast-paced training.

Andela encourages interested individuals to apply for the program whether they have a programming background or not.

You should, however, have the conviction that it is something you are willing to learn because only candidates who complete the recruitment challenges can join the academy.

So, what does the joining process as a trainee look like? 

  • The process also requires applicants to sign up with Andela. After successfully submitting your profile, you join a cohort and go through a 10-module home study curriculum.
  • You undertake a psychometric and technical test to gauge your understanding of the home study curriculum.
  • You are invited for an interview after scoring highly on the tests. The interview is meant to assess your suitability for Andela’s technical learning environment.
  • If you pass the interview, you join a two-week boot camp with fast-paced learning on programming languages like HTML, Python, CSS, etc. You officially join Andela if you perform well in ye boot camp.
  • Successful candidates undertake a six-month-long training to prepare them for the global market.
  • Trainees start earning immediately after joining the Andela program.

How to Join Andela Kenya; As An Employee or A Trainee

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