Risk and Security Analyst Needed at Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)

Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)

Risk and Security Analyst Needed at Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN),

Risk and Security Analyst Needed at Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)

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The Aga Khan Development Network is a network of private, non-denominational development agencies founded by the Aga Khan that work primarily in the poorest parts of Asia and Africa. Aga Khan IV succeeded to the office of the 49th hereditary Imam as spiritual and administrative leader of the Shia faith-rooted Nizari Ismaili Muslim supranational union in 1…

Risk and Security Analyst

Core Duties and Responsibilities

  • Information collection, analysis, mapping, and dissemination.
  • Production of accurate, interactive, digestible information reports with associated mapping, data models and dashboards.
  • Monitor, collate and verify contextual developments from a diverse range of information.
  • Provide research, incident evaluation, presentation, and report production for weekly, and bespoke reporting requirements.
  • Build a network of professional contacts within the risk, safety and security sector.
  • Assist with location-based reporting, as and when required for different stakeholders.
  • Visit field offices and engage with stakeholders to improve contextual understandings and facilitate assessments, analyses, and recommendations.

Occasional significant duties and responsibilities

  • Provide risk and security information briefings and presentations.

Qualification, Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent accreditation in risk and security studies, criminal justice, journalism, international affairs, policing, or related field.
  • Professional risk certifications or government certifications are desirable.
  • Knowledge of the applicable regional/global security, political, social, and economic situations.
  • Previous experience working for INGOs, travel safe programs and performing risk assessments.
  • Experience in risk analysis and risk assessments of physical security or operations and planning.
  • Three to five years practical experience in risk related disciplines, preferably with an International Organization.
  • Experience in a Risk Centre or similar environment.
  • Ability to prepare comprehensive written reports, presentations, and charts based on research, collection, and analysis of data.
  • Demonstrated understanding the risk cycle, experience rating and ranking source credibility, providing data in various formats.
  • Experience using GIS or i2 mapping software and/or managing databases is desirable.
  • Proven ability to accurately draw conclusions by synthesizing raw data and information from multiple, unrelated sources into actionable intelligence to support client operations.

Required core competencies

  • Excellent spoken and written English.
  • Understanding and willingness to work in a diverse team that supports all ethnic backgrounds.
  • Exceptional IT, social media, and data mining skills.
  • Analytical mindset and the ability to organize and present information in a coherent and understandable manner.
  • Highly motivated and able to work both within a team environment and individually.
  • A keen understanding of diplomatic relationships and working with potentially sensitive information.
  • Discretion.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified? Go to Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) on krb-xjobs.brassring.com to apply