KNBS Internships: Vacancies, Salary And Application Process


KNBS Internships: Vacancies, Salary And Application Process

Working in a government corporation is a surefire way of building your resume as a fresh graduate or ongoing corporate individual.

It gives you valuable experience that comes in handy when hunting for a job later on.

The problem is getting such an internship. Take the Kenya National Bureau Services, for instance.

First, you have to know when the agency is taking interns.

Next, you should understand the application process to increase your chances of getting in.

You must know what is required, how to draft your CV and present your documents for the best chances.

Well, we are here to help.

We have explained all you need to know about KNBS internships and their application process.

Available Internship Opportunities

The Kenya National Bureau Services is a government agency responsible for collecting, compiling, analyzing, publishing, and disseminating statistical information for public use.

It carries out Housing and Population Census every ten years and maintains a reliable and comprehensive database.

All these functions require a large team of employees to execute.

KNBS typically accepts interns with varied training backgrounds including statistics, applied statistics, business management, accounts, front office personnel, communications experts, economics, human resource, and more.

Some of the available intern opportunities at the KNBS include the following:

  • Statistics Interns: Open for graduates with statistics/applied statistics, economics, mathematics, and related qualifications. Being proficient in a statistical package is an added advantage.
  • Human Resource Intern: Open for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in human resource management and related courses including business administration from a recognized institution.
  • Finance and Accounts: For graduates with financial accounting and accounting backgrounds. These include commerce (accounting and finance options) and related qualifications. Being a certified public accountant from a recognized institution is an added advantage.
  • Corporate Communications: Open for persons with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, journalism, corporate communications, public relations, and related qualifications.
  • Supply Chain Management: For graduates with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, procurement and logistics management, procurement, and purchasing.


KNBS gives a Kshs. 25,000 stipend to all its interns. As is the case with all salaries, statutory deductions apply.

How To Apply

If you qualify for an internship position at KNBS, you have to download the application form from the KNBS website and fill it out.Once filled, submit hard copies of your academic, professional, and relevant certificates including testimonials and resumes along with the form to the Director General at the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

Please note that this is a physical address meaning you have to post your application and not send it via email.

The envelope should bear the reference number REF: KNBS/F/93/29 on it and should reach the Director General no later than the date specified.

Successful candidates are contacted by KNBS.

Selection Process

Part A of the KNBS internship application form captures your personal information including your name, age, gender, marital status, ethnicity, country of origin, current and expected salary, etc.

Parts B and C require your contact information and the job applied for respectively.

Part D is about your academic and professional qualifications. This is where you have to show which training you possess. Take your time here and include everything you have done so far. Feel free to add extra skills such as copywriting, ICT proficiency, communication, and human resource just to mention a few. Also, add a membership body if any.

Part E captures your employment history while parts F and G are for your cover letter and references respectively.

You finish with a declaration.

KNBS is an equal employer and thus takes interns and employees based on their competencies.

For you to be successful, you have to fill out the entire form.

Blanks indicate a lack of seriousness on your part. As such, your application may not see the light of day.

Secondly, having the needed educational background and a good grade to back it up improves your chance of getting employed.

An additional skill or training also gives you a better chance.

Most importantly, your range of experience and education will also determine whether you will be selected or not.

Additional Information

Keep an eye out for the 2024 vacancies if you missed out on this year’s application.

KNBS Internships: Vacancies, Salary And Application Process

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