Windle Trust International Postgraduate Scholarship Application

Windle Trust International Postgraduate Scholarship Application

Windle Trust International Postgraduate Scholarship Application,

Windle Trust International Postgraduate Scholarship Application

If you are a resident of Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan or Somalia, you may be eligible to apply for a postgraduate scholarship to study up to Master’s level.
We include people who have refugee status and were born elsewhere, as well as country nationals, in this criteria. Our current programmes include options for study in the UK, study in Africa, and study via Distance Learning.

Deadline: 30th September 2022

What are we looking for? 

You must first apply to Windle Trust International directly, where we will assess you against our scholarship priorities. These are:

Giving back: We ask scholarship recipients to put what they learn into practice in the future for the benefit of their communities, regions and to the broader Windle community. If you have a track record of community involvement, your application will be considered favourably.

Student status: We give scholarships to people who have refugee status, have been internally displaced, marginalised, in need, or otherwise affected by conflict.

Financial need: You should be able to demonstrate genuine financial need, and be unable to meet the costs of your study independently.

Gender: To address the huge gender inequality in education among the communities in which we work, we seek to give priority to girls and women. One of our key focuses is on dealing with the disparity in communities, schools, and employment sectors by offering scholarship opportunities that empower women.

Origin and coverage: We give scholarships to people who are resident in the regions of Africa in which we work. In practice this means that you should be resident in specific areas of Kenya or Uganda, or throughout the entireties of Sudan, South Sudan or Somalia.

Our scholarships support the development of leadership and skills in African communities. You will need commit to returning to your current country within one month of the completion of the studies, or within the validity of your study visa, whichever is shorter. Our scholarships must not be seen as a route to asylum and we will not support asylum claims from scholarship recipients under any circumstances.

Full eligibility criteria can be found here

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The Process: 

You should apply to Windle Trust International through our online application portal. Short-listed candidates will be interviewed in your country.

Once selected, we will then work together with you to identify best-fit options and provide support and guidance to maximise your scholarship opportunities. This will include advice on university applications, support with applications to scholarship schemes, and consultation on university and course choices. We will always strive to place you in the university and course that is most appropriate to your individual needs, knowing that this will lead to the greatest impact.

Please note: 

  1. Selection for support by Windle Trust International in no way guarantees that you will receive a scholarship offer
  2. To be eligible for nomination for Commonwealth Scholarships Commission opportunities by Windle Trust International, you must first have been selected through the Windle Trust International selection process
  3. We do not accept speculative applications from students who already have a university course offer and are now looking for funding

What does a Postgraduate Programme scholarship include?

Whether in the UK, Africa or online, your Postgraduate Programme scholarship will include:

  1. Fully funded academic tuition fees
  2. A maintenance stipend for the entire period of study
  3. Return airfare between the candidate’s country of residence and country of scholarship (for scholarships overseas)
  4. Leadership development training 
  5. Attendance at themed conferences and workshops

  6. Welfare and pastoral support throughout the programme of study
  7. Orientation on issues such as adapting to life in your host country, dealing with culture shock, managing finances, study methods and access to essential services.
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Windle Trust International Postgraduate Scholarship Application

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